Gem Electronics

The main intent for this website is to give you the contractor a comprehensive vehicle by which you can easily view the enormous product offering of the Gem Product Line and then select the most cost effective product you require for your installation/application to maximize your profits and win more contracts.

Our distributor network is very loyal to Gem, but they simply have no real time ability to show you all the Gem Products. My preference is that you use this website to find the perfect product and then call your local distributor to place your order.

You should, however, have the flexibility to make that decision.

Do not hesitate to contact me personally with any questions. We exist to provide products that help you!

Bill Pitcher
Vice President Sales/Marketing
cell #: 1-917-863-0657

Our Products


F Male Termination -- 75 Ohm. TEN PACK


F Male -- RG59 & RG59 TFE. TEN PACK.


F Male 1 Pc Crimp -- 75 Ohm, RG6. TEN PACK


F Male Compression Seal -- RG11, Weatherproof

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